Super Heroines!

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Why, hullo there!  Welcome to Super Heroines!

Each week we take a pre-2000 and a post-2000 female-centered comic and walk through the inspiration and exploitation, the ringing moments of Oh Yes She Betta Did! and agonizing moments of “Seriously, 4 issues, that’s all they gave this?”  Every Monday, for your edutainmential pleasure!

Episode 1: Miss Fury (1941-1951) and The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl (2014-2015).

Episode 2: Motormouth (1992-1993) and The Fearless Defenders (2013-2014).

Episode 3: Shanna the She-Devil (1972-1973) and Aria: The Uses of Enchantment (2003).

Episode 4: Jetta (1952-1953) and Batgirl (2011-2014).

Episode 5: Amethyst: Princess of Gemworld (Volume 1: 1983-1984) and Ms. Marvel (2014).

Episode 6: Sultry Teenage Super Foxes (1987) and Madame Frankenstein (2014).

Episode 7: The Ballad of Halo Jones (1984) and She Hulk (Volume 3, 2014).

Episode 8: Starfire (1976) and The Pro (2002).

Episode 9: Canteen Kate (1951-53) and Models, Inc. (2009).

Episode 10: Grrl Scouts (1999) and ApocalyptiGirl (2015).

Episode 11: Elektra: Assassin (1986-87) and Jem (2015).

Episode 12: Night Nurse (1972) and Amelia Cole (2013).

Episode 13: Magik (1983) and I Hate Gallant Girl (2009).

Episode 14: Phantom Lady (1941-43) and A-Force (2015).

Episode 15: Angel and the Ape (1991) and Debris (2012).

Episode 16: Kitty Pryde Agent of SHIELD (1997) and Route des Maisons Rouge (2010).


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