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The Illustrated Women in Science: Year One

Featuring comics and essays about 26 phenomenal minds!  Watch Emmy Noether unite all known laws of conservation!  Trek with Mary Leakey through the depths of humanity’s archaeological past!  Plumb the mysteries of the chicken with Carolynn L. Smith!  Science!  Comics!  Sentences!  United at last!

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The Illustrated Women in Science: Year Two




The web’s premiere women in science comic-n-article column is back with 26 new scientists!  Invent the modern zoo with Belle Benchley!  Leave behind the confines of terrestrial Earth with Sally Ride!  Discover the composition of stars with Cecilia Payne-Gaposchkin!  The perfect gift for that person in your life who converts oxygen into energy and carbon dioxide through cellular respiration!

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The Wicked Rad Combo Pack!

Read about some real female super heroes at Women In Science!WISBook2Cover

 A copy each of book one and book two – that’s 52 scientists at your beck and call!!  How can you NOT?!

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