Super Heroines 14! Phantom Lady (1941-43) and A-Force (2015)!

Phantom Lady (Quality Comics, 1941-43)   Writer: Unknown Artists: Arthur F. Peddy, Joe Kubert, Frank Borth The Golden Age of Comics is a strange kingdom, conjured into existence by phantoms, financed by gangsters, hurtling towards nobody remotely knew what. Comic publishers hired out to squidgy collections of teenagers to deliver graphic stories, without too particular […]

Super Heroines 13! Magik (1983) and I Hate Gallant Girl (2009)!

  Magik (1983, Marvel Comics)     Writer: Chris Claremont Artist: Sal Buscema   Systemic abuse of the young is just about the darkest thing that comics can address, and for every character whose horrendous childhood is discussed in intelligent detail there are ten with dashed off cases of Childhood Abuse so cavalierly handled that […]