Super Heroines 8! Starfire (1976) and The Pro (2002)!

  Starfire (DC Comics, 1976)     Writers: David Michelinie (1,2), Elliot Maggin (3-5), Steve Englehart (6-7), Tom DeFalco (8). Art: Mike Vosburg, Vince Colletta.   In 1973, Red Sonja made her debut in the pages of Conan the Barbarian, relaunching the medieval woman warrior trope that had lain dormant since the glorious weirdness of […]

Super Heroines 6: Sultry Teenage Super Foxes (1987) and Madame Frankenstein (2014)!

Sultry Teenage Super Foxes (Solson Publications, 1987)   Creators: Rich Buckler and Chuck Wojkiewicz Writer: David George Art: Chuck Wojkiewicz and Scott Nickel   Solson Publications is an enigma wrapped in an improbability. It was a company that published titles like Reagan’s Raiders (featuring a rippled Ronald Reagan sporting a machine gun and stars and […]

New Women in Science! Florence Sabin!

Once upon a time, Florence Sabin was an American celebrity, the first female medical researcher to attain national prominence, and a famous campaigner for public health.  So, why do we forget her a little more each year?  This week, on Women in Science, Episode 39, it’s Florence Sabin!  Yayyyyyyyyy!