Super Heroines 4! Jetta (1952) and Batgirl (2011)!

Jetta (Standard Comics, 1952-1953)   Writer and Artist: Dan DeCarlo   Every discussion among “Fifties Good Girl Comic” enthusiasts is roughly the same. Somebody will throw out a title – Suzie or Patsy Walker or Katy Keene – and the conversation will commence along deeply ploughed channels, debating fashion cut-outs and career choices, until somebody […]

Super Heroines 2: Motormouth and The Fearless Defenders

  Motormouth (Marvel UK, 1992-1993) Writer: Graham Marks (1-10), Glen Dakin and Nick Barber (11), Andrew Cartmel (12). Pencils: Gary Frank (1-4, 6),Phil Gascoine (5), Edmund Parryman (7), Del Barras (8), David Taylor (9), Rosie Mendoza (10, 11), Richard Elson (12). Inks: Cam Smith (1-7).   “The British Marvel Universe is born!” Let us walk […]