Super Heroines 13! Magik (1983) and I Hate Gallant Girl (2009)!

  Magik (1983, Marvel Comics)     Writer: Chris Claremont Artist: Sal Buscema   Systemic abuse of the young is just about the darkest thing that comics can address, and for every character whose horrendous childhood is discussed in intelligent detail there are ten with dashed off cases of Childhood Abuse so cavalierly handled that […]

Super Heroines 11! Elektra: Assassin (1986-87) and Jem (2015)!

  Elektra: Assassin (Epic Comics, 1986-87) Writer: Frank Miller Artist: Bill Sienkiewicz   The usual order of relations between writer and artist in comic books runs something like, “Here’s fifty bucks, now draw this, monkey.” And that’s where it ends. But sometimes, that rarest of sometimes, artist and writer fall into a creative feedback loop […]

New Women in Science! Eugenie Clark, the Shark Lady!

It’s Women in Science 42, chock full of all the 1950s Marine Biology awesomeness you’ve come to expect!  This week, we look at Eugenie Clark, whose plectognath research in the South Pacific and Red Sea turned into one of the surprise best sellers of the early Fifties.

Super Heroines 8! Starfire (1976) and The Pro (2002)!

  Starfire (DC Comics, 1976)     Writers: David Michelinie (1,2), Elliot Maggin (3-5), Steve Englehart (6-7), Tom DeFalco (8). Art: Mike Vosburg, Vince Colletta.   In 1973, Red Sonja made her debut in the pages of Conan the Barbarian, relaunching the medieval woman warrior trope that had lain dormant since the glorious weirdness of […]