New Women in Science! Harriet Brooks!

Harriet Brooks made three major contributions to the early theory of nuclear radioactivity, and was a traveling friend of radical Soviet writer Maxim Gorky.  But then, at the height of her reputation and scientific accomplishment, she married and settled down to a depressingly unchallenging life.  Read the whole tragedy now, in Episode 72 of Women […]

New Women in Science!

Katherine Johnson is amazing.  Name a major accomplishment of NASA between the years 1958 and 1984 and she had a major had in it in her role as orbital mathematician.  Check her out on Women in Science!

Super Heroines 16! Kitty Pryde: Agent of SHIELD and Route des Maisons Rouge!

  Kitty Pryde: Agent of SHIELD (Marvel, 1997)     Writer: Larry Hama Art: Jesus Redondo and Sergio Melia Until quite recently, the Marvel Universe boasted of only three female characters of any appreciable intellectual heft: Moira MacTaggert (a scientist), Jennifer Walters (a lawyer), and Kitty Pryde (an electrical engineering whiz). Now, while that’s three […]

Super Heroines 14! Phantom Lady (1941-43) and A-Force (2015)!

Phantom Lady (Quality Comics, 1941-43)   Writer: Unknown Artists: Arthur F. Peddy, Joe Kubert, Frank Borth The Golden Age of Comics is a strange kingdom, conjured into existence by phantoms, financed by gangsters, hurtling towards nobody remotely knew what. Comic publishers hired out to squidgy collections of teenagers to deliver graphic stories, without too particular […]