Dale DeBakcsy is an essayist, illustrator, and math teacher for public considerations, and a comic book collector, wig enthusiast (also a Whig enthusiast, but that’s another story), and recreational kids’ soccer coach in private life.  Since 2007, he has co-written, with Geoffrey Schaeffer, the historical webcomic Frederick the Great: A Most Lamentable Comedy Breaching Time and Space.  His second webcomic, a mythological satire called The Vocate, ran for 3 years.

As an essay writer, Dale has been published in The New Humanist, American Atheist Magazine, The Freethinker, Philosophy Now, Skeptical Inquirer, Free Inquiry, Skepchick, The Humanist, and The Open Society.  His first collection of essays, Godless Nerdistry: Or How to Be a Bag of Chemicals and Still Have Fun, is now available on Amazon.com

Combining essay writing with comic illustration, he currently produces two feature series, Women in Science at MadArtLab.com, and The Cartoon History of Humanism and TheHumanist.com.  The Illustrated Women in Science: Year One, collecting the first year of Women in Science comics and biographies, is now lusciously available for purchase.

Atheist.  Vegetarian.  Nerd.

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